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The story of


We, Parisa and Amir, met five years ago in a time of chaos and uncertainty. Our first date night was spent on eating sweets and then preparing a marketing presentation intended for the Directors of Iran’s Chain BookStores, and that was it. Since that night we have built a life together and began a journey. And we are a family now…

The story of PA PAASCH: About Us

First, Parisa.


Bachelor’s in French Language and Literature, Master’s in Public Administration, Executive Director, Human Resources and Customer Affairs, who is now a spouse, a mother, and a co-founder


Second, Amir.


Bachelor’s in Arts & Culture Management, Graphic Designer (recently focused on UI (user interface) / UX (user experience) design), IT-based Service and Content Delivery Consultant, who is now a spouse, a father, and a Managing Director


And third,


little Aren. An expert in the four languages of English, German, Farsi and Turkish

The story of PA PAASCH: Team

PaPaasch originates from the name Parisa’s father called Aren’s little feet. Even now using this simple name, which may seem meaningless yet it is full of life, they play and laugh for hours on end. Our life story, just like all parents, got a fresh coat of paint and a new form when Aren came along. He even brought along the unique name Pa Paasch!

The story of PA PAASCH: Services

Now we have built the PaPaasch Land of Creativity

to bring a fresh coat of paint and new form

to children, to the earth, and to you.

To write stories for you.

In hopes that ...

Books on a Yellow Wall

To learn

more about the customs and traditions of the city we live in…

The earth

does not get any warmer than it is, and that we learn to protect it together…

Girl Hugging Orange Ball
Stylish Golfer

To learn

about the culture and traditions of our neighbors and respect them…

And of course,

That your name and your business’ name become unique

and that your days be filled with prosperity.

The story of PA PAASCH: Services
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